"नेपालको समृद्धिको सहयात्री"

Citizen Investment Trust

About Us

Citizen Investment Trust (Nagarik Lagani Kosh), a statutory institute under Citizen Investment Trust Act, 2047, has ownership of Nepal Government as a public financial organization. It was established on 18th March, 1991(4th Chaitra, 2047B.S) as an autonomous body. Formally it has been operating its activities since 15th January, 1992 (1st Magh, 2048. It operates and manages various types of retirement schemes / programs as well as various unit schemes and mutual fund program for both domestic and foreign investors to encourage the people for saving in order to expand fund and increase the investment opportunities along with the dynamic development of the capital market to contribute economic development of the nation.

Our Milestones

CIT has successfully completed its three decades challenging years with the simultaneous growth of dynamic capital market in Nepal. At present, it has been launching various types of voluntary retirement schemes (Pension funds, Gratuity funds etc.) and mandatory insurance fund programs on the basis of fully funded and individual account. CIT, at the same time, encouraging the long-term saving mobilizations by operating Employee Savings Growth Retirement Fund (ESGRF), Insurance Funds for Civil Service’s employees, Teachers, Nepal Army’s Employees, Nepal Police’s Employees, Armed Police Force’s Employees and others institute’s employees to help the depositors for saving to expand fund and increase opportunities to investment along with the development of the capital market.

The central office of CIT is at New Baneshwor, Kathmandu and branch offices are at Pokhara, Biratnagar, Butwal, Attariya and Surkhet.