"नेपालको समृद्धिको सहयात्री"

Citizen Investment Trust

Citizen Pension Scheme

Citizen Investment Trust, Citizen Pension Scheme has been operating its plan since 2019. This scheme is operating under Citizen Investment Trust Act, 1991. Under this Act, Citizen Investment Trust Management By laws 1992 provides right to operate pension plans so Citizen Investment Trust issued Citizen Pension Scheme Operation Directives, 2019 to operate the Pension Scheme. This scheme aimed at encouraging the general public voluntary involvement in social security for the future. It helps saving and mobilize such savings for the economic development of the country. It provides social security benefits, such as providing regular pensions to participants as well as their spouse after a specified age and contribution period. It is also planned to provide various other social and economic facilities to the participants.

According to the Citizen Pension Scheme's rule, contributors can contribute minimum monthly NPR 500 as monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis. After age of 60 and minimum contribution of 15 years the contributor will be only able to eligible for receiving pension amount. If any contributor unable to contribute 15 years regular basis due to age, s/he can contribute at lump sum amount calculating minimum monthly NPR 500. After eligible for pension plan, contributors will be receiving monthly pension amount until his/her death. After contributor's death, pension plan will be transferred to his/her spouse. After spouse death, the rest of fund will be able to withdraw by his legal nominees.

For more details, please visit our official website www.nlk.org.np/Citizen Pension Scheme and study published documents (Articles, Videos, Interviews etc.) For any queries, we would welcome in our official email: [email protected] / [email protected].

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