"नेपालको समृद्धिको सहयात्री"

Citizen Investment Trust

Message From Chairman

It gives me immense pleasure to our new website that chronicles in detail the stories of struggle and successes of Citizen Investment Trust. CIT was founded in 1990 with the objective of ensuring broader participation of general public in economic development, encouraging the citizens to save, enhancing investment opportunities for raising capital, opening up employment opportunities and thus bringing dynamism in the capital market. It has been collecting savings from diverse sectors under various titles and schemes from the general public and employees from various firms and organized institutions. It has been promoting investment of such money efficiently and professionally.

CIT has completed more than 31 of years of its journey. This long journey has been really inspiring and encouraging moments for CIT. It had to battle with a number of challenges since its establishment but it has become able to overcome them every step of the way in its own way. It has been earning high profits. All this has become possible because of dynamic leadership, responsible, honest, dutiful and hardworking employees and continued support from our investors, clients and client organizations. CIT has been running with high profit margin. The number of clients is increasing every year and it has been introducing different schemes every year. These are the indicators of CIT’s success. Today, CIT’s sphere has widened. Therefore it needs to develop its competitive edge and uphold the fame and reputation that it has earned through years of hard work. It is necessary for us to be more committed towards achieving our goals to the fullest extent. Meanwhile, I am also proud to announce that CIT has formulated and implemented “Long-term Strategic Plan” to make capital market service enhanced. I take this opportunity to express my commitment and belief that CIT will take all the required initiatives to attract more investors and win their confidence. We will explore all the dynamic of information through this website and portal. I hope, this communication initiative will be keep relationship closely with our huge number of clients and also wide range of public.

Finally, I express sincere gratitude to all the employees, shareholders, members of CIT management and Board of Directors and well wishers and wish that their support for CIT will be continued as ever.


Citizen Investment Trust