"नेपालको समृद्धिको सहयात्री"

Citizen Investment Trust

Message From Executive Director

It’s my pleasure to welcome you all to Citizen Investment Trust (CIT) as an Executive Director.  At this time most of you are associated or planning to associate with CIT, We are always open and ready to work with you as your Trustee. It’s a high time to think about our better future and social security of our families; in this context CIT will be your partner as we were in the market of Social Security Service provider since 30 years.

CIT is a government Institution; promoted and supported by Government of Nepal. It is established by special Citizen Investment Trust Act 2047 BS. And CIT has been working towards fulfilling its main objective; to encourage the general public for saving in order to expand fund and increase the investment opportunities along with the dynamic development of the capital market. Through the collection of huge fund and its effective investment, CIT has been contributing for the economic development of the nation.

CIT has been running a range of innovative programs to encompass various aspect of national economy and to promote saving and effective investment and capital market services. CIT has running Employee Saving Growth and Retirement program, Gratuity program, Investors Account program, and Insurance program for employees. CIT has also incorporated institution fund management plan through investors Account program, Gratuity program where the institutional liability has fully funded. CIT also has been running the Citizen Units Schemes as an open ended mutual fund concept from which both individual and institution can be benefited. From the time of its inception, CIT has been playing an important role in strengthening the capital market of the Nation. CIT has lunched the new product Nagarik Pension Scheme targeting the self employee and migrant worker  for their better future and social security.

Core values of CIT are; Financial Transparency and Discipline, Good Governance, Quality Services, fulfill Corporate Social Responsibilities, Fair Competition, Motivated and Accountable Staffs, use of Modern Technology for timely and hassle free client services. CIT’s all policies, rules and activities shall be made for the benefit of our valuable participants.

For strengthen our effectiveness and efficiency of services, CIT’s work is divided into three business pillar as Saving Programs, Investment Management and Capital Market Service. And we developed and implement short term and long term strategic planning for each business areas. We were always concern about easy and timely client services and also highly sensitive towards risk free and effective investment of accumulated funds.

The scope of CIT has been gradually becoming extensive. Other Institution similar to CIT has also been making their presence in the market. This has created a kind of completive environment and CIT always take advantage through strengthening instructional capacity, upgrading and diversifying its programs and providing quality services.

Achievement of your dream of better future and social security will reflect the outcome of CIT’s activities. As an Executive Director; I ensure that our institution, management and staffs are always work for and valued our participants. Again I welcome you all to CIT and our Programs.

Thank You.

Raman Nepal

Executive Director