"नेपालको समृद्धिको सहयात्री"

Citizen Investment Trust

Vision Mission Goal Objective


“By operating social welfare savings and mutual fund programs, ensuring effective investment management of collected fund and establishing itself as one of the premier institutions in the field of capital market, CIT wants to contribute towards the prosperity of the nation”


“Co-operation and partnership, innovative management system, research and development, optimum mobilization of means and resources, modern information technology, effective client services including expansion of savings and mutual fund programs on the basis of mutual respect, good governance and healthy competition while providing investment management and capital market services”





Saving Program:

 To increase the fund through savings and mutual fund programs.



Investment Management:

 To diversify investment portfolio in secured sectors guaranteeing return on the basis of risk analysis.



Capital Market Service:

 To accelerate the growth and development of capital market.






Saving Program:

1. To attract Nepalese citizens residing in the country and abroad towards the programs offered by the Citizens Investment Trust.
2. To operate CIT’s additional programs related to social security.



Investment Management:

1. To invest in prioritized sectors. (Hydropower , infrastructure development, productive sector, tourism and export promotion, capital market instrument)
2. To invest CIT’s funds in sectors having minimum risks.



Capital Market Service:

1. To play the role of market maker and sales and issue manager
2. To make instruments of capital market service more effective.