"नेपालको समृद्धिको सहयात्री"

Citizen Investment Trust

Function Services Working Policies

Major Functions

Saving Mobilization

  • Operate different kinds of retirement schemes:

    • Gratuity funds.

    • Nepal Government Employee’s Insurance funds.

    • Teacher’s Insurance funds.

    • Employees Saving Growth Retirement funds.

    • Pension Funds

  • Operation various unit and mutual fund schemes to bothdomestic and foreign investors

  • Operate Investor’s Account scheme.

Investment / Financing

  • Invest in corporate shares, debentures and government securities.

  • Provide term loan and bridge finances to corporate bodies.

  • Provide credit for purchasing shares

Capital Market services

  • Trustee Services

    • Debenture Trustee services

    • Escrow Agent services

    • Custodian services

    • Other Trustee services

  • Corporate Finance Services:

    • Public issue management

    • Underwriting and syndication of underwriting public issue

    • Market making of corporate and government securities.

    • Consultancy services

Working Policies

To attract Nepali citizens residing in the country and abroad towards the programs offered by the Citizens Investment Trust.

  • Investment trust services to be carried out on the basis of management fee concept.

  • The Objectives of equity investment in Investment activities would not merely be on the spirit of management control of the institution.

  • Investment of the funds would be chhanalised in the relevant sectors considering the nature and degree of risk pertaining to those particular funds. Priority will be given to the investor’s performance in various schemes concerning the risk, return and their desires while making investment decisions.

  • To play the role of market maker to balance the transaction of securities and to purchase and sell share in bulk.

  • A balance approaches would be applied in the operation to meet the interest of government, shareholders and participants.

  • The selection of project and business activities will be done only on the basis of business principle and ethics.